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TD-HealthMed Realty Partners (“HMRP”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tyler Duncan Realty Partners. Founded over 34 years ago, TDRP is a full-service commercial real estate firm whose business activities include property and facility management, sales and leasing (brokerage), construction management, development, advisory and consulting services. 

In procuring the management of an increasing number of medical and health care properties, TD-HMRP was established and staffed with a team knowledgeable in the many intricacies of healthcare facilities management. Commensurate with that, we have a thorough understanding of the facility/physician relationship.  Our team employs an integrated approach to property and facility management by creating a tailored, building-by-building strategy, focused on medical office buildings and various healthcare facilities. 



About Us

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TD Healthmed, an affiliate of TDRP.
Specializing in  Facility and Property Management for
Healthcare / Medical Buildings / Properties

When the daily focus of the occupants within your building is on savings lives, and conducting life-saving medical procedures/tests, and providing preventative healthcare care, it’s critical the supporting physical structure, and its’ mechanical systems are performing at the highest level possible. TD-HealthMed Realty Partners (TD-HMRP) is the top choice to ensure your medical building/healthcare property is maintained and managed to the highest industry standards.

About us

Meritus/Client Consulting, Advisory & Services

11116 Medical Campus Drive, Hagerstown, MD 21742

Overview of Assignment

HealthMed completed a three year real estate consulting, advisory and services agreement with for Meritus Health. The total real estate portfolio owned, leased or managed by Meritus/Client is approximately 1,173,000 square feet of existing medical-related space, a 91,000 square foot parking garage and 140+/- acres of excess development land. The services provided to Meritus/Client under this agreement are focused on the following:

  • Strategic Real Estate Analysis & Capital Asset Planning

  • Lease Administration

  • Property Management

  • Transaction Management

Integral to carrying out the foregoing activities/services, HMRP helped Meritus/Client develop a detailed short and long range strategic plan that will: Transform the Hospital’s diverse real estate portfolio into an integrated collection of high-performing assets that support the organization’s mission. That mission being to provide the highest quality care available in the region. Key areas of focus within the plan include: 

  • Increasing capital efficiency 

  • Reducing operating costs

  • Increasing revenues 

  • Enhancing operating performance

  • Maximizing the value of the entire enterprise.


Our efforts can be broadly characterized as “portfolio maximization and optimization”, which  is the process of matching location and capacity with the Hospital’s overall business strategy. This process relates to all building space and land owned or leased by Meritus/Client. Portfolio maximization and optimization is critically important to all health care providers, as most  seek to simultaneously broaden geographically, and focus its reach and service offerings in the future.

11110 Medical Campus Road, Hagerstown, Maryland 21742

Robinwood Medical Center

Overview of Assignment

HealthMed is in its eighth year of managing the Robinwood Medical Center which is an approximate 400,000 square feet medical condominium building, attached to the Meritus Hospital. Meritus owns approximately 50% of the building and has a variety of physicians and services within the building. The balance of the building is mostly owned by other medical practitioners, and virtually every practice type is represented within the building. The joining of the facilities created an integrated medical campus to “cover the community's needs from primary care to inpatient care, and all the specialties in-between”. HMRP has a staff of seven people on site daily. We are providing a full-service management program for the facility generally including property and facility management, accounting/financial management, capital asset planning, and regulatory compliance. 

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Downsville Medical Center

10715 Downsville Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Overview of Assignment

The Downsville Medical Center is a 23,271 square foot  medical facility owned by 632 Joint Venture LLP. Anchor tenants within the building include Health@Work and Tri State Health Services, Inc.  Health@Work offers a wide range of occupational health services for employers and their employees. HealthMed provided a full-service property management scope on the facility for approximately 3 years (thereafter ownership decided to self-manage for strategic reasons). 

Knowledge Farms

Building Occupants

Our Services



Property and Facilities Management

Building Systems and Engineering

Accounting Services

Energy Efficiency

Construction and Capital Projects Management

Tenant Relations

Facilities Strategic Planning

Brokerage Services

Property and Facilities
Building System and Engeineering
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Property and Facilities Management

In providing property and facilities management TDRP understands how unique healthcare facilities are, and how that affects patients, tenants and owners. As experts in the healthcare real estate sector, we appreciate the high demands of medical professionals, and resulting challenges of managing medical buildings, and tenant spaces. Our property and facility management services ensure facilities are maintained to the highest industry standards, so healthcare professionals can deliver their top level of care.

Building System and Engineering

Our professional engineering team has dedicated experience in the complexities of Medical Office/Property service needs. Through regimented preventive maintenance efforts, we enhance ownership value by minimizing short term capital needs and maximizing equipment life spans. Our teams are experienced in all facets of mechanical systems maintenance including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and General Maintenance.

Construction and Capital Projects

Construction and Capital Projects Management

At TD-HMRP, we understand the complexity of 21st-century healthcare construction. Integration of high-tech medical equipment, security and communication technology, medical gases, and fire protection all contribute to the complexity of the construction. With that knowledge, our team of Project Managers and  Estimators  work from the planning phase, through project completion ensuring there are no “surprises” on the project.

Through each phase of the project our team will advise you on areas like:

• Constructability

• Estimated construction costs

• Recognize potential impacts to Timeline

• Identify potential change orders and make recommendations

• Identify areas for value engineering and make recommendations

• Evaluate and qualify sub-contractors

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Visual Project

Facilities Strategic Planning

Integral to carrying out the foregoing, TD-HMRP has helped many medical property owners, and healthcare operators,  in developing detailed short- and long-range strategic plans.  The goals can differ amongst the participants, based upon their roles within the industry. However, frequently, the goals of these plans includes an emphasis on transforming an owner’s diverse real estate portfolio into an integrated collection of high-performing assets, that support the organization’s mission. For healthcare providers, that mission will embrace  providing the highest quality care available in the region.

FaciitiesStrategic Panin
Accountin Services
Energy Efficiency

Accounting Services

Our professional accounting department is adept at providing our clients with a full range of essential accounting services. Our accounting software is specialized for the property management industry. Sample accounting solutions TD-HMRP provided include:  budgeting and variance analysis, discerning your lease/lease abstracts so your tenants are properly billed, AR/AP, expense reconciliations, timely issuance of rent statements, monthly reporting of P&L statements, balance sheets, and all other areas of real estate accounting.

Tenant Relations

Energy Efficiency

TD-HMRP works with its clients to understand their energy goals, operational requirements, and risk tolerance, to assist in the development and implementation of comprehensive energy management solutions. TD-HMRP and it’s affiliate companies regularly self-perform and manage a diverse range of energy efficiency projects. A few examples include LED lighting change-outs/retrofits, solar installations, geothermal installations  and  combined heat and power (CHP).

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Building Plans

Tenant Relations

Our experienced team of property managers understands the importance of establishing and maintaining effective communications and a strong rapport with the respective tenants. Regularly scheduled property visits, tenant socials, tenant meetings, and individually designed property tenant activity programs are frequently carried out. The objectives of these activities is to ensure maximum tenant retention, along with lease compliance. Our property owners enjoy a tenant retention rate of approximately 94%, which contributes toward the increase and stability of asset property values.


TD HealthMed partners with TDRP who handles the Brokerage services and has been in operation in the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1987.

Our professional engineering team has dedicated experience in the complexities of Medical Office/Property service needs. Through regimented preventive maintenance efforts, we enhance ownership value by minimizing short term capital needs and maximizing equipment life spans. Our teams are experienced in all facets of mechanical systems maintenance including HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and General Maintenance.

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